Spotlight on Millésime Bean to Bar Chocolate

October 02, 2020 1 min read

Spotlight on Millésime Bean to Bar Chocolate

Millésime Chocolat is a bean-to-bar craft chocolate workshop located in Liège, Belgium, that works directly with its own sourced cocoa beans. It is one of the few bean-to-bar workshops in Belgium. Each of the chocolates is exclusive because it bears its vintage and comes from a specific terrain and area! Millésime is the french word for "Vintage" as in "from the region and year" the beans were grown. As in the world of wine-making, the brand's mission is to promote natural products, with flavors that change from one year to the next while keeping the basic characteristics of each region or country. All bars are made with pure cocoa varieties, fairly traded and USDA Organic.

Belgium's Chocolate Source offers 8 different varieties from the Millésime Collection, solid bars, inclusion bars, and bars with exquisite, delicate pastry-style fillings.

Click here to view a video on Millésime bean to bar.

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