Introducing the NEW jcoco

August 10, 2021 3 min read

relaunch of the jcoco brand

From the desk of Jean Thompson, jcoco Founder & CEO

Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners:

Today is a big day for me and for jcoco.

Many of you remember that I launched jcoco nearly 10 years ago with a mission to elevate the way people experience chocolate and turn a beloved food into an opportunity to give back. I am proud of what we’ve achieved together since then – changing the way people experience chocolate while donating nearly 4 million servings of fresh food to Americans in need. That is a huge accomplishment, but we are not done.

Today I am excited to unveil a bold relaunch of the jcoco brand.The update is the embodiment of our new jcoco tagline, chocolate that feeds. It is supported by three key pillars, which you will see us bring to life as we relaunch the brand this fall:

(1) Feed the Farmer, (2) Feed your Neighbor and (3) Feed Yourself



We believe the future of chocolate depends on the choices we make now. That’s why we’re now sourcing our chocolate from Peru, the ancestral home of cacao, where farmers hand-harvest the high-altitude, fine aroma beans used in jcoco bars.

Working directly with a small, local Peruvian chocolate maker ensures full traceability and sustainable farming practices – and the best flavor profile possible. To preserve these practices for many years to come, we pay our farmers substantially above the industry average for fine cacao.

jcoco Feed the Farmer


Since its first bar sold, jcoco has harnessed the power of chocolate to feed our hungry neighbors in need. With every purchase of jcoco, 10% of net profits go to Americans affected by food insecurity through incredible food bank partners like Northwest Harvest, Food Bank for New York City and San Francisco Marin Food Bank.


High quality cacao can transcend expectations of chocolate. After all, things like origin, terroir and processes like fermentation & roasting impart unique flavor qualities, similar to coffee and wine. Our goal is to educate consumers about the nuances of fine chocolate.

Furthermore, by working closely with our Peruvian chocolate maker, we developed four exquisite, proprietary blends of chocolate – 85% Dark, 72% Dark, 61% Dark and 47% Milk – and then paired them with each flavor to find the perfect balance of fine cacao and paired ingredients.

We like to think of our artisanal chocolate as its own food group. We serve jcoco as dessert, in tasting flights and food & wine pairings, and alongside – or in place of – sweet and savory courses. Our signature 1oz mini bars are just the right size for experiencing the bright, bold, complex and nuanced flavors of jcoco.


Below are key dates and logistics for the relaunch. If, at any time, you have a question, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Seattle Chocolate rep.

  • 1st Ship Date: We will be doing a hard changeover to the new jcoco product on September 7th.
  • Price Change: Price change will go into effect for all new product with first ship date of September 7th.
  • UPCs/Bar Dimensions/Flavors: We are not making any changes to the bar flavors, dimensions or UPCs. We hope this will help ensure a smooth transition at retail. Please note a few of the bar names have been updated to better reflect the flavor profile.
  • An additional exciting piece of news – we are launching a new 3oz bar: Alaskan Smoked Sea Salt! The 1oz bar performed exceptionally well at retail and we took your feedback to add this bar to the everyday line.
  • Transition From Old to New Product: We will be taking orders for the current jcoco product through the end of this week, with final planned ship date on August 20th. We do not plan to ship jcoco the week of August 23 or August 30th, so please plan accordingly.
  • jcoco Innovation Summit: September 20th @ 10am PT. Mark your calendars to learn all of the details of the relaunched jcoco and taste all of the new bars together with Jean and our Peruvian chocolate maker.

Below, please find the new jcoco story (pdf) – which details the brand’s mission – and the product catalog (pdf).

Brand Story Product Catalog

We know chocolate deserves a permanent seat at the table. With your help, we will show the world how chocolate can bring a dynamic, complex and joyous element to any occasion.

We look forward to our continued partnership.


jcoco CEO Jean Thompson

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