What's in YOUR (stay-home) Haversack?

March 27, 2020 1 min read

What's in YOUR (stay-home) Haversack?

We are in the midst of unprecedented times. Most of us are staying at home, practicing social distancing, while some are faced with home schooling indefinitely. Here are some creative ways to encourage sales while also helping your customers out.

A "Save a Parent’s Sanity Kit" featuring indulgent rewards of chocolate and wine, or pampering spa items at the end of a long day of lessons.

For adults who find themselves off work or teens out of school wanting to experiment with learning to cook or trying a new recipe, a "Boredom Buster Kit". It could feature baking mixes, interesting ingredients, cookware and cookbooks or recipe cards.

Our website offers many enticing options to inspire your own kit concepts so let us at Haversack Sales help you do so!

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