Broderick's - Handmade chocolates treats from a family bakery in Dublin, Ireland.

March 09, 2021 1 min read

Variety of Broderick's Handmade biscuit bars

Broderick’s biscuits are made with quality ingredients, including oats grown under the Irish sun, Golden Syrup, butter and a blend of Belgian chocolate (the best!) and other ingredients that make originality. They make delicious cakes and sweet things in picturesque Irish locale. Rocky Road is the #1 best-selling Rocky Road in Ireland. The handmade rocky road slices are chewy, marshmallowy and chocolatey biscuit cake slices. Chewy yet crunchy deliciousness, that crumbles in your mouth. A unique texture that tastes like nothing else. Rich and simply irresistible, these slices will satisfy any sweet tooth and make the perfect centerpiece for dessert, having as a snack or a lovely treat to share with the whole family.


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