Canaan Fair Trade’s Rumi Olive Oil wins award at BioFach 2012

Burqin, Jenin, Palestine. 14 March 2012. Canaan Fair Trade, a mission based company that seeks to sustain the livelihood of Palestinian producer communities caught in the midst of conflict, is pleased to announce that Canaan’s Rumi Olive Oil won a Recognition Award at the BioFach 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Blind tasting was done by connoisseur and marketing leaders in the Organic Olive Oil industry. 82 samples of Organic Olive Oil from leading companies around the world were tasted, and the Canaan Rumi Olive Oil was rated at number 14.

As Premium Olive Oil that comes from a network of cooperatives, this is a significant achievement by Canaan and the Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA). PFTA collects their olive oil and achieves the excellence of the single estate farms from artisan farmer regions around the world.

Canaan Rumi Olive Oil is available in Canaan’s own brand in the U.S. and Europe, as well as in the Equal Exchange brand in the UK and Alter Eco brand in France.

Canaan Fair Trade, a Palestinian Company with a social mission, was founded in 2004 to empower thousands of small farmers caught in conflict to sustain there livelihood, build hope for a better future, and promote economic and cultural interactions towards a peaceful tomorrow. Canaan produces and distributes the organic, Fair Trade and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and traditional foods cultivated by 1500 small farmer members and 200 women producers joined in the 49 cooperatives of the Palestine Fair Trade Association. Canaan products are sold in 115 countries around the world. Canaan Fair Trade is the first 3rd party certified fair trade olive oil in the world, and the largest exporter of olive oil from Palestine to Europe and North America. Canaan gives back to its farming community through programs that plant olive trees, extend micro-loans to women’s collectives, award college scholarships to farmers children, and convert tractors to run on used vegetable oil.