Lillie Belle Farms Hand Made ChocolatesJeff Shepard

Ten years ago Jeff Shepherd decided to make a few truffles and sell them at a local farmers market along with the berries he grew on his two acre organic farm in Southern Oregon. Boy, was he in for a surprise! Oprah, Martha Stewart, Bob Dylan’s tour bus! Despite his success and the ever increasing demand, Jeff remains committed to sourcing fair-trade chocolate from all over the world. The berries used are grown on his two acre farm. The butter and cream he uses come from a local certified sustainable local dairy. His awards for the Perfect Illusion Bar, and Cayenne Caramels win not only for their high quality, but also for the sustainable practices involved in every aspect of growth and development. Lillie Belle Farms has a variety of signature and inclusion bars, truffles, confections, and seasonal offerings that make this a truly unique Northwest line.lillie-belle-laverder-caramels4fcbcfce26fee.jpg

This excerpt from CocoAroma describes Lillie Belle Chocolates best:

“And that’s when I get it. Not the chocolate—which he’s right
about—but rather Jeff. (the chocolatier) I get Jeff. The way he stares at me, asking
pushy questions, passionately demanding that I tell him about his
chocolate—he’s not seeking my approval as I first thought. No,
he could care less if I thought his chocolate was good. What he’s
searching for is the connection with me. He wants to see if I feel
what he feels when he eats the Raspberry or Marzipan Fig chocolate.
In this regard, he’s no different than a jazz musician, theater
actor, photographer or painter. Artists don’t really care if you
think they’re good (although I’m sure compliments don’t hurt). I
think what artists—especially fiercely individualistic artisans like
Jeff who create truly original work—are really searching for is a
connection, a shared experience, with their audience.” ………. CocoAroma

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