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Born out of a 10th floor candy kitchen belonging to a flagship Seattle department store from the early 1900's, Seattle Gourmet Foods actually began as “Frederick’s Fine Chocolates” when it incorporated itself in Kent, WA in 1993. What began as a modest operation manufacturing an iconic Seattle-area chocolate confection for a single customer has since grown to be a premier Pacific Northwest gourmet foods manufacturer with over 10 national brands and a thriving private label division.

Seattle Gourmet Foods is committed to going above and beyond to serve its customers fully. From quality products direct to consumer, exceptional private label manufacturing and wholesale account management to on-time deliveries and top-notch customer service, SGF prides itself on being a reliable vendor and one that considers our customers to be our most important asset.

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Anna's Honey
Buckeye Beans & Herbs
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For more than 20 years Seattle Gourmet Foods has remained a family-owned business committed to manufacturing quality food and confections. Consisting of 11 national brands, as well as multiple partnerships and private label manufacturing, our focus remains on sourcing the finest ingredients and providing consistent premium quality throughout their diverse line of products.

Brands include: Anna’s · Buckeye Beans & Herbs · Dilettante Chocolates · FungusAmongUs · Merlino Baking Company · Maury Island · Myntz! Breathmints · Quinn’s


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Chocolates & confections • Decorated & shortbread cookies • Soup & bread mixes • Pepper jellies • Jams, Preserves & fruit toppings • Honey, honey sticks, honey in mason jar, bulk honey • Dried mushrooms & mushroom powder • All-natural breathmints



"Premium Quality Gourmet Foods Since 1993"

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