Zotter - Labooko - CONTEST: Ecuador 50% & Nicaragua 50%

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Milk Chocolate

Compare 2 milk chocolates with 50% cacao content. You will be amazed how different milk chocolate can taste.

The best milk chocolate in the world – according to the assessment of chocolate tester Georg Bernardini, who tested 2,700 products from 271 companies in 38 countries for his book, “The Chocolate Tester” (Der Schokoladentester). According to Bernadini, “Zotter milk chocolate takes first place thanks to its harmony. It is not sweet nor is it too bitter and it melts wonderfully. The chocolate is milky-creamy but at the same time is very chocolaty with a strong cacao flavor. You can really taste the flavor of the Nicaraguan cacao. A true masterpiece.” Josef Zotter states, “I am pleased that a high cacao content, milk chocolate made the grade. I love high content chocolate because you can’t cover up any faults in the cacao flavor with sugar and milk. High content chocolates are simply honest – and I like that!”

Throughout Ecuador, the floral character of the typical Cacao Nacional is valued. It has been grown in Manabi for a long time. Mixed crops are also grown at the Fortaleza Del Valle cooperative, which is already becoming rare in Ecuador. Here, the cacao thrives, surrounded by shading trees that protect it from Ecuador’s scorching sun. In turn, the organic cacao protects the rainforest. In this high content milk chocolate, we mix 50% floral Cacao Nacional with unrefined raw cane sugar from Paraguay, a little vanilla from the Congo and milk delivered straight from the mountain farmers of Tyrol. Experience a real cacao delight, which we have transformed into a wonderfully melting chocolate.