The Republic of Tea Women of Tea Program is a one year program to improve the nutritional health of 11,200 women, men and children on tea estates in Sri Lanka.

The project launched January 2018, and is now active on all 6 estates.

The project works closely with the community, delivering training and support to community members to improve their nutrition related practices. So far a total of169 trainings and workshops have been delivered with a combined total attendance of 5562 people.

Below is a summary of the training activities:

Increase nutritious food production and consumption

This largely centers around organic home gardening; improving existing gardens and encouraging others to begin cultivation. By training community members in the best gardening techniques the availability of fresh, nutritious vegetables increases and supports a more sustainable healthy diet.

Improve knowledge of nutrition 

The nutrition trainings  inform estate communities about the best ways to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, using what is available in the area.

 The project organised nutrition awareness trainings and cooking demonstrations, with a particular focus on the needs of women, infants and young children.

These trainings enabled mothers to actively avert malnutrition and low weight in children by tracking their growth and changing their diet accordingly.

Improve hygiene and sanitation practices

Trainings related to hygiene and sanitation practices, which are essential to maintain good health and nutritional status, include campaigns on keeping a clean environment and the safe disposal of domestic waste.

Activities will be expanded over the coming 6 months to include the upgrade of existing hygiene and sanitation facilities

Enhance capacities in managing household finances

These focused on alleviating the burden of debt, and dependence on loan sharks within plantation communities. Households were encouraged to record their outgoings and expenditure, look at their expenditure on food,and save for big purchases rather than taking out loans.

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