NEW! Saffron Rose Green Tea from Villa Jerada

November 16, 2021 1 min read

NEW! Saffron Rose Green Tea from Villa Jerada

Our latest member of the Villa Jerada family, Saffron Rose Green Tea.

A delicately balanced herbal infusion of Green tea, Saffron and whole Moroccan Rose Buds hailing from the Atlas Mountains.

Our Saffron Rose Green Tea sipped often and slowly warms the heart and soothes the soul with delicate floral notes and a touch of honey, hay, and hibiscus. Our Moroccan saffron hails from Taliouine, and roses from the Dades Gorges, both harvested using traditional cultivation practices essential to the countries sacred Atay culture. We gladly share this cherished practice and raise our welcoming cups to you.

Tea comes in compostable silken tea bags that are free from glue or staples.

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