Our Showroom at Seattle Mart

Seattle Mart Showroom front steps and brick building

The Haversack Sales showroom beautifully showcases product displays to give retailers inspiration on how to merchandise their products. While your rep is always happy to bring you product samples, it can be a little rough hauling several thousand SKUs around in the trunk. Our showroom provides the opportunity to taste your way through our extensive product selection while perusing catalogs and writing your orders.

Haversack Sales is proud to be a member of the Independent Sales Association, a group of wholesale showrooms in the Seattle Mart building. Our showroom provides retail clients a place to see, touch, (and) taste our excellent array of hand-curated food, drink, gifts, homekeeping & more.

Stop by during normal operations and enjoy a cup of tea while you browse, or take a virtual tour today!

Virtual Showroom Tour

200 SW Michigan Street
Showroom 207 — Seattle, WA 98106 (map)
Haversack Sales is open from 9am-4pm on Mon-Tues, and by appointment.

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