Frequently Asked Questions

If we are not able to answer your questions per our FAQs below, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us directly and we'll be sure to help any way we can.

About Haversack Sales

Specialty Food Brokers work to connect wholesale producers with retail buyers and distributors.  We facilitate product placement, marketing, demonstrations, promotions, merchandising and distribution channels.

As your Specialty Food Broker, we work with you to carefully curate the best collection of quality, artisanal products from our extensive catalogue of vendors to best suit your unique business.  As brokers we have established close relationships with the manufacturers we work with. If questions or issues arise, we are your resource for getting those resolved in the timeliest manner.

No.  There are no fees or extra charges to work with Haversack Sales. Plus, working with us gains you access to promotions that we have negotiated with the producers we represent.

Working with Us

With many years of experience our reps have extensive knowledge about the areas they work in and the customer base in those territories. Head on over and meet the team!

Yes!  We are in The Seattle Mart.  The Seattle Mart is home to showrooms representing over 40 product categories including gift, gourmet, lifestyle, housewares, toy, souvenir, jewelry, stationary and packaging. From rustic to modern and everything in between, showrooms represent over 1,200 brands with products to suit the Northwest’s diverse tastes and lifestyles.

The Seattle Mart is located at 200 SW Michigan St. Seattle, WA 98106. Haversack Sales is Suite 111. We are on the lower level adjacent to the patio.  The Seattle Mart is open on Mondays, Supermarket Monday & Tuesday (First Monday and Tuesday of each month excepting holidays & December) and several shows throughout the year. See the full calendar here. We would be happy to work with you to schedule an appointment if those dates don’t work for you!

Yes! You'll need to create an online account (even if you are already working with us... no need to include business details). After submitting and upon our review, we will reach out via email with your Wholesaler Approved status and then you can view pricing and place orders. Please allow us up to 48 hours.

If you are not currently working with Haversack, we'd love to connect! Still fill out the same form, but kindly include all of the business details on the form!

Note: Customers must have a business license to purchase from our site.

You can reach out to your rep anytime for assistance!

Specials and Samples

Yes! Check out our current promos page, and ask your rep for details!

Great question! We know that the best way to choose products is to sample them first. Your rep will be happy to work with you to get you the samples you need.

Pricing, Terms & Freight

Each vendor we work with will have their own order minimums. If you have questions about a specific vendor, we would be pleased to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

Please get in touch with your rep for pricing & terms specific to each producer.

Freight charges vary depending the vendor. We work with our producers to get you the best freight possible.  Some producers have freight included pricing or freight caps.  We also offer periodic freight specials throughout the year.

Some vendors must use insulated packaging, ice packs and expedited freight to have heat sensitive items ship during the warmer months. Costs will vary by vendor. Please check with your rep for details.

What exactly is a “Haversack?”

A Haversack is a single strap bag carried over the shoulder; adapted from both the French (havresac) and German (habersach) languages. “havre” or “haber” means “oats” “sac” or “sach” is sack. Originally an “oat sack” that cavalry used to carry horse feed. It was further adapted to be used for all kinds of provisions and adopted by branches of the military.

What’s in your haversack?