Meet the Team

Haversack Team photo in the showroom with product display all around.

Haversack Sales represents manufacturers of specialty foods and confections to retailers and distributors. As a group, we’ve been in the food business for longer than we’d like to admit and we’ve done just about everything – owned stores, bought for major chains, tended cattle, represented food lines, worked in kitchens, picked cherries, and fed our kids.

All of us at Haversack Sales love food. For us, it is always foraging season. We are constantly on the lookout for exciting specialty food items. Maybe it is something new, or local, has a great story, a dynamic creator, or is just unique and interesting.

We have representatives covering the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and British Columbia.

To contact your representative directly, e-mail (first name), or contact us at for help finding your representative.

PNW Map of Haversack Territories

  Andrea Fredericks — Bainbridge Island & Olympic Penninsula

  Annette Jackson — Eastern Washington

 Chris Allen — Alaska and Seattle area Key Accounts

   Dori Hettinger — Spokane, Idaho and Montana

Helgi Douay — North Seattle, North Puget Sound and Key Accounts

Juhayna Hunziker — South Puget Sound

Liz Sleeper — West Portland, Central and Southern Oregon

  Megan Peters — East Portland, Oregon Coast, SW Washington

Richmond Tracy — Seattle and Puget Sound Key Accounts

Sarah Waters — East Oregon

Independent retail needs everyone’s help. It’s inspiring to see that supporting Main Street has become a rallying cry via the “Shop Local” movement aimed at consumers. But who else has an important role to play in supporting many of the 4.6 million retail establishments in the U.S.? Local sales reps. Often running their businesses from their kitchen tables, sales reps go the extra mile to meet the needs of retailers and their local shoppers — learning customer preferences, introducing unique products, and truly listening to consumer needs. Sales reps are the often-overlooked lifeline of their communities, working hard to fill stores with new products and helping create local revenue so that every Main Street may thrive. Communities don’t directly benefit from online shopping, but they benefit in countless ways from the loyal work of local sales reps. So let’s embrace our local sales reps — the unsung heroes of independent retail.