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A retailer's resource for hand-curated food, drink, gifts, homekeeping & more.

Are you a retailer in the Pacific Northwest seeking excellent, specially curated products to stock your shelves?  Haversack Sales is a proven, specialty food broker offering both online ordering AND highly personalized service, including a showroom of our extensive collection that beautifully showcases product displays, helping you offer perfect, hand-curated food, drink, gifts, homekeeping products and more.

Haversack Sales represents manufacturers of specialty foods and confections to retailers and distributors.  As a group, we’ve done just about everything in the food business – owned stores, bought for major chains, tended cattle, represented food lines, worked in kitchens, picked cherries, and fed our kids. For us, it is always foraging season. We are constantly on the lookout for exciting specialty food items. Maybe it is something new, or local, has a great story, a dynamic creator, or is just unique and interesting.

Our excellent representatives cover the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and British Columbia.

Celebrating over 10 years in business with over 115 combined experience to help serve you!

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