(3) NEW! jcoco Flavors

August 13, 2020 1 min read

(3) NEW! jcoco Flavors

Orange Blossom Espresso is our chocolate bar take on the classic tradition of coffee paired with citrus. Deeply aromatic orange oil melts into notes of creamy espresso, a hint of black tea and cloves, and 60% dark cacao.

• Replaces Arabica Espresso
• September 1, 2020


Mango Plantain combines crunchy-chewy bits of tropical fruits smothered in sweet milk chocolate. A pinch of sea salt clarifies diced mango and organic plantain chips, while a suggestion of habanero extract delivers a piquant finish. 

• Replaces Coconut Pecan
• September 1, 2020


85% Peruvian Dark Chocolate Expertly crafted from 100% origin contamana cacao beans sourced from the Cusco valley of Peru. Rich, aromatic cacao gives way to notes of strawberries and plum flesh, with creamy dark cacao lending a slight citrus acidity on the back palate. jcoco 85% Dark Chocolate is our first bar created solely from Peruvian chocolate. It is low in sugar and high in antioxidants, heart healthy cocoa butter fat, and rich, robust flavor!

• Replaces 80% Dark Chocolate
*80% will be available through end of 2020
• Ships: October 1, 2020
• Patterned envelope Peruvian artist


NEW! jcoco

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