A handful of NEW items from Ritrovo!

July 21, 2020 2 min read

Olives in Brine

A handful of NEW items from Ritrovo Selections!

  • Organic Amarena Cherry Balsamic Vinegar-Bright and juicy certified organic Amarena Cherry Balsamic Vinegar. A balance of sweet grape must and rich, amarena cherry juice, with a versatile flavor balance.
  • Abruzzo Monachelle Beans-These eye-catching purple and white dried beans are a little-known varietal outside of the region of Abruzzo, Italy. These newly-rediscovered heirloom beans, were cultivated from a handful of seed beans.
  • Mixed Grilled Vegetables in Olive Oil- A delicious, versatile and colorful blend of grilled Pugliese vegetables includes peppers, carrots, eggplant, zucchini and onions. Lightly pickled and preserved under quality olive oil.
  • Bella di Cerignola Olives in Brine- Bella di Cerignola", has a yellowish color, a firm and fibrous pulp, a strong and slightly bitter taste. These are the perfect size and mild flavor for stuffing with your favorite olive filling.
  • Artichoke Hearts in Olive Oil- AVO's crunchy artichoke hearts, selected by RITROVO®, retain the firm texture and bite of a fresh Pugliese artichoke with a classic olive-oil based vinaigrette that pairs with all types of Italian dishes.
  • Casina Rossa Sugo al Vino Rosso, Pasta Sauce with Red Wine- This sauce tastes almost meaty due to the richness of red wine, herbs, and extra virgin olive oil. 
  • Smoke Sun-Dried Tomato Spread-This unique version of a classic southern Italian condiment pairs rich Pugliese sun-dried tomatoes with a natural smoke to bring new levels of flavor to crostini, bruschetta, and pasta dishes.
  • Lampiscioni (Wild Onions) in Olive Oils- Lampiscioni has the delicate bitterness of that familiar vegetable but with the shape and texture of a roasted scallion.
  • Organic 82% Raw Sicilian Almond Cream- Raw Sicilian almonds and coconut flower sap. Crafted to purely express the unique flavor of Sicilian almonds, it strikes an ideal balance between sweet and bitter.
  • Organic 65% Tonda Gentile Hazelnut Spread with Raw Cacao- 65% raw Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts from Piedmont and single origin Peruvian cacao with a touch of coconut flower sap.
  • La Romagna Egg Pappardelle with Umbrian Hemp Seeds- La Romagna favorite thick, wide-cut egg pasta is enriched by local Umbrian, protein-rich hemp.
  • La Romagna Celery2 - Sedanini Pasta with Celery from Umbria- Black Celery from Umbria, Sedano Nero, is included in this celery-shaped pasta cut. Fun and flavorful! Black celery is a Slow Food recognized varietal with a rich, vegetal flavor.

Ritrovo NEW Items

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