NEW! Brands from the UK and Europe brought to you by Eurok Foods

February 11, 2021 1 min read

NEW! Brands from the UK and Europe brought to you by Eurok Foods

Milanaise Organic Flours and Grains. The company was started in Milan, Canada in 1977 by Robert and Lily who settled on their 400-acre farm, a mixed operation with lamb and grain production. They were producing "organic" wheat before the term "organic" had been defined. In 1979, a very small stone mill was installed and since then, the family has continued to devote itself to organic farming and stone milling. The range of Organic flours include Rice, Buckwheat, Whole Rye and High Protein.

La Pateliere. Since 1978, La Pateliere has been a reference for culinary experts, bakers, chefs and home chefs alike. The wide range of Premium baking ingredients helps you stretch the imagination and stimulate creative potential in every application. All chocolates are made using 100% pure cocoa butter. Their luxury cocoas are carefully sourced, and the vanilla is the finest Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Every ingredient is sourced and selected with the greatest care. Highlights include chocolate wafers, chips and chunks, baking powder, yeasts, even gelatin and agar agar powder.


 La Pateliere Dark & White Chocolate Chunks

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