NEW! from Hammond's Candies

February 11, 2021 1 min read

Hammond's Candies Candy Sticks in 6 flavors

NEW! products from Hammond's Candies for 2021


Dark Chocolate Cookie Bar. A crunchy cookie with cream filled dark chocolate.
(We think it tastes like a cross between an Oreo and a Twix bar.)

Cheesy Pizza Popcorn. Popcorn makes the perfect snack. Cheese Pizza is so good you'll almost want to eat it for dinner.

Strawberry Creme Marshmallows. Tastes like fresh strawberries and creamy marshmallows in one bite. So delicious!

Snack Mixes in 9 flavors. Such as Trailblazer filled with peanut, chocolate gems, and raisins and The Big Easy filled with Cajun peanuts, taco sesame sticks, cheddar whales, rice crackers.

Candy Sticks in 6 flavors.  Including Root Beer Float and Ice Cream Sandwich.

Mason Jars. Filled with seasonal candies such as Sour Balls

Pantry Candies. Drop candies in classic flavors such as Root Beer or Lemon.


All Chocolate on promo in Feb.  |  New products are on special in March.

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