*NEW* Bridgerton Tea Collection is here!

March 21, 2022 1 min read

Bridgerton Tea Collection - Photo Credit: The Republic of Tea

Bridgerton has officially been crowned as Netflix’s biggest hit ever, and The Republic of Tea is partnering with Netflix to produce co-branded Bridgerton teas!
  • Anthony & Kate Spiced Chai - This medley of exceptional black tea and exotic spices steeps a rich and formidable cup.
  • Duke & Duchess Honey Breakfast Tea - Sweet honey tempers the boldness of strong black tea. Could there be a more perfect coupling?
  • Featherington Blood Orange Mimosa - Delightful refreshment in the form of this ruby-hued hibiscus tea laced with the essence of champagne and blood oranges.
  • Queen's Cake Vanilla Fruit Tea - This diamond of an herbal tea is imbued with the flavors of a rich vanilla confection studded with sweet black currants and lemon.
  • Whistledown Punch Hibiscus Iced Tea - A fashionable arrangement of exotic hibiscus blossoms with a mélange of citrus and pineapple.
  • Also available, Bridgerton Hot & Iced Tea Shippers, and a 2-tin Gift Set featuring Queen's Cake Vanilla Fruit Tea and Anthony & Kate Spiced Chai.

The artwork and labels are beautiful, and they really pop. The Republic of Tea truly knocked it out of the park with this collaboration and we believe your customers will think so too!  Items start shipping Monday, 3/21.  

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