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October 03, 2020 1 min read

jcoco's NEW 85% Dark Bar

NEW jcoco 85% Dark Bar
jcoco's first bar created solely from Peruvian chocolate.

Expertly crafted from 100% origin contamana cacao beans sourced from the Cusco valley of Peru, an ancestral home of cacao, this mouthwatering bar will change perceptions of dark chocolate. Rich, aromatic cacao gives way to notes of strawberries and plum flesh, with creamy dark cacao, lending a slight citrus acidity on the back palate. The label design for the 85% Dark bar is a contemporary take on traditional Peruvian textiles.


jcoco 5 bar minis

NEW jcoco bar 5 - mini gift sets
Each soft-touch bookcase holds five Jcoco 1oz premium chocolate bars.
Available in milk + white or dark chocolate assortment.

Bar 5 (4 milk + 1 white) – cayenne veracruz orange, mango plantain, crisp quinoa sesame, edamame sea salt and bali sea salt toffee.
Bar 5 (dark) – five decadent flavors in 60% - 85% cacao: orange blossom espresso, noble dark, boharat middle eastern spice, black fig and 85% dark.


jcoco Collection Flavor Updates
jcoco is making some changes to the product lineup and gift box mixes:

Flavors going away - coconut pecan, arabica espresso, and 80% dark. Order while supplies last!
NEW Prism box assortment - mango plantain, orange blossom and 85% dark are replacing coconut pecan, arabica espresso and 80% dark.
Dark collection assortment update - orange blossom and 85% dark are replacing arabica espresso and 80% dark.

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