Zotter - Labooko - 72% Belize Sail Shipped Cacao

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Dark Chocolate | Conching time: 21 hrs.

Prepare for a surprising act of deception, which will challenge your sense of taste. You can make out this chocolate’s fruity bouquet, accompanied by a hint of olive and cinnamon just with your sense of smell before it transforms into something entirely different on the palate. You will immediately discover a pleasantly sweet and mild chocolate with a developing aroma of caramelized nuts, lots of sweet condensed milk and a mildly floral note. The finish presents with blackberries and a beautiful aftertaste of grape hulls and malt on the tongue. Created with cocoa from the Caribbean, specifically the beautiful Central American country of Belize, home to the last of the Maya, the forefathers of chocolate, who still cultivate cocoa beans today. That’s where we made our cocoa movie “The gold of the Maya”, that’s where we shared some traditional drinking chocolate and that’s the inspiration for this chocolate – an indulgence full of myths and tradition.