Zotter - Labooko - 75% São Tomé

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Dark Chocolate | Conching time: 19 hrs.

A true rarity: this small, west African island is virtually unknown but boasts a long and rich cacao tradition. It is considered the cradle of west African cacao. The small farmers of the CECAQ 11 cooperative grow a unique island cacao shaped by its terroir, very chocolatey with a mild fruity flavor. At our chocolate factory, we process the cacao bean-to-bar: first we mill and roast, then sweeten with raw cane sugar, roll to its fine texture and finally the stir of the conching process. The warmth and hours of conching remove unpleasant aromas, but too much is detrimental to the finished product. At Zotter we use shorter conching times to preserve the cacao’s rich character. Taste the richness in this 75% cacao single origin bar, surprisingly mild for a dark chocolate, with an excellent melt, and notes of tropical fruit.