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Belgium's Chocoate Source
Belgium's Chocolate Source Holiday

For almost two decades, Belgium's Chocolate Source has had the distinct pleasure of importing their passion and knowledge of Belgian confections and chocolates to American shoppers. Brands are carefully selected for their quality craftsmanship, dedication to social responsibility, and enduring tradition. Many recipes are family secrets, passed down from generation to generation. Download Catalog >>
Belgium's Chocolate Source Holiday Products
Daprano & Company
Belgium's Chocolate Source Holiday

At Daprano & Company, we import hard-searched delicacies from Australia, France, Italy, Switzerland, & Canada. We provide a wide array of confections from the finest craftsmen from around the globe, including confetti almonds, chocolates, assorted candies, amaretto cookies, licorice, Italian Gele, torrone, panettone, mints, gum, fruit pastille & sugar free confections. Download Catalog >>
Daprano & Company Products
EUROK Holiday

EUROK, Inc. imports and distributes unique and distinctive foods from the UK and Europe. Their goal is to foster the growth of strong brands that are interesting because their products are true to the land where they are made and the people that make them. Each of their items has a story of origin, was born of genuine craftsmanship, and has a distinctive third-party endorsement. Download Catalog >>
EUROK Holiday Products
Hammond's Candies
Hammond's Candies Holiday

Hammond's Candies timeless recipes use only premium, fresh ingredients to deliver irresistible confections. Every treat is crafted with care to ensure bite-after-bite of pure, sweet goodness. Classic Candy Canes, Hot Cocoa Bombs, traditional Hard Candies, giftable Specialty Candies (like Candy Coal) make Hammond's a favorite vendor of Holiday treats! These will sell out! Order today!! Download Catalog >>
Hammond's Candies Holiday Products
Hellenic Farms
Hellenic Farms 2024 Holiday

Hellenic Farms has found and works together with the best and most beautiful products from the motherland, Greece, to offer food lovers the purest, most nutritional and traditional Hellenic products of excellence. Their products have amassed a number of awards for their packaging and most importantly for their taste. It is with great pride that they offer these gifts of Greece to the rest of the world. Download Catalog >>
Hellenic Farms 2024 Holiday Products
Jasper Specialty Foods
Jasper Specialty Foods Holiday

At Jasper Specialty Foods, they believe there is an art to making their unique almond related snacks, confections, and other treats. Their family-owned company is committed to the highest quality almonds and ingredients, growing only the finest sustainable California almonds, and small batch production. From farm to market, Nunes Farms brings you family grown nuts and handmade confections. Download Catalog >>
Jasper Specialty Foods Holiday Products
Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly Holiday

At Jelly Belly, they always strive to provide their customers with the highest quality confections and service. They are proud to introduce new flavors and products on a regular basis and are particularly excited to debut the newest additions to our catalog this year, including several new additions to our seasonal line, such as a new Harry Potter™ advent calendar. Download Catalog >>
Jelly Belly Holiday Products
John Kelly Chocolates
John Kelly Chocolates Holiday

John Kelly Chocolates has found and works together with the best and most beautiful products from the motherland, Greece, to offer food lovers the purest, most nutritional and traditional Hellenic products of excellence. Their products have amassed a number of awards for their packaging and most importantly for their taste. It is with great pride that they offer these gifts of Greece to the rest of the world.
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John Kelly Chocolates Holiday Products
McSteven’s Cocoa
McSteven’s Cocoa Holiday

McSteven's is a purveyor of fine and gourmet gifts. From their beginnings in Portland, Oregon to their current business in Vancouver, Washington, they have always strived to bring you the highest of quality and the best for each season and holiday. For over 25 years McSteven’s has been delighting gift receivers with their whimsical packaging and signature drink mixes. Hot cocoa, lemonade, cider and cappuccino dry mixes. Download Catalog >>
McSteven’s Cocoa Holiday Products
Michel Design Works
Michel Design Works Holiday

Michel Design Works is a comprehensive gift, home and lifestyle brand bringing you beautiful, high quality and affordable items for every room in the house. From beautifully scented hand soaps to soft, triple-ply napkins, each thoughtfully crafted item is finished in colorful, intricate designs inspired by vintage art, these offerings bring a touch of luxury to any home. Download Catalog >>
Michel Design Works Holiday Products
Paradigm Foodworks
Paradigm Foodworks Holiday

Paradigm Foodworks is a distributor of some of the best loved domestic and imported brands to wholesale customers and Haversack Sales is proud to represent them. Download Catalog >>
Paradigm Foodworks Holiday Products
Pepper Creek Farms
Pepper Creek Farms Holiday
Pepper Creek Farms Holiday

Pepper Creek Farms is a family-run business and they pride themselves on doing things their way. SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE, FUN! Give your cupcakes color, your cookies crunch, and your cakes joie de vivre. Whatever the season or occasion, our sprinkles, sugars and nonpareils come in an explosion of color. They make every bite fun and festive! Download Decorating >> and Sprinkles >>
Pepper Creek Farms Holiday Products
Ritrovo Selections
Ritrovo Selections Holiday

For over 18 years, RITROVO® ITALIAN REGIONAL FOODS has been successfully championing top-quality, regionally-inspired, Italian products in the U.S. specialty food market. In tasting RITROVO SELECTIONS™ you immediately discover high quality and authenticity. The focused, fresh flavors evoke images of special places and preserved culinary traditions. Download Catalog >>
Ritrovo Selections Holiday Products
Seattle Chocolate
Seattle Chocolate Fall
Seattle Chocolate Holiday 2024

Seattle Chocolate’s smooth, twist wrapped melt away truffles and whimsically wrapped chocolate bars are carefully prepared using only the highest quality all natural ingredients and Rainforest Alliance Certified Chocolate. Beautiful packaging and unique taste combinations set this line apart. Download Fall >> and Holiday >>

Seattle Chocolate Holiday
Seattle Chocolate Holiday Products
Stonewall Kitchen
Stonewall Kitchen Holiday

From their Farmer’s Markets origins, Stonewall Kitchen has become an award winning producer of Specialty Foods, Confections & Home Goods including Baking Mixes, Condiments, Jams & Jellies, Pastas & Sauces, Dessert Toppings, Grill Sauces and Marinades, Snack Items, and Kitchenware. Stonewall Kitchen brands bring you the best in specialty foods. Expertly crafted with high-quality ingredients. Download Catalog >>
Stonewall Kitchen Holiday Products
Sweet Jubilee
Sweet Jubilee Fall & Holiday

Sweet Jubilee’s goal is to offer trend-forward, inspired combinations of flavors and textures using impeccably fresh, high-quality ingredients, clear packaging to show off the products’ natural beauty and hand decoration, and to keep it all at accessible price points. Their sweets & snacks prove that you can have a sophisticated palate and still enjoy the fun and fanciful aspects of everyday gourmet indulgence! Download Catalog >>
Sweet Jubilee Fall & Holiday Products
Sweet Shop USA
Sweet Shop USA Fall
Sweet Shop USA Holiday

Spread unforgettable holiday cheer with the help of Sweet Shop USA! Skilled artisans at Sweet Shop make handcrafted chocolates and confections perfect for hosting or gifting.

Check out their whimsical treats for Halloween & Christmas!
Download Fall >> and Holiday >>
Sweet Shop USA Holiday Products
Terrapin Ridge Farms
Terrapin Ridge Farms Holiday

Terrapin Ridge Farms offers savory jams, garnishing aioli squeezes, mustards, dips, dressings, sauces and more that make entertaining (and everyday) unforgettable!

This holiday season, find holiday sets and gifts perfect for stocking stuffers, party gifts or hostess gifts. Tis the season!!
Download Catalog >>
Terrapin Ridge Farms Holiday Products
The Republic of Tea
The Republic of Tea Holiday

The Republic of Tea is the leading Purveyor of more than 200 varieties of teas, herbs, brewed iced teas and tea-inspired products as well as a distinguished collection of traditional and contemporary teaware! Tea lovers will delight in gift-worthy, limited edition seasonal tea offerings from Golden Pumpkin herbal to Peppermint Bark green roobios, an embassy favorite. Download Catalog >>
The Republic of Tea Holiday Products
Virginia Diner
Virginia Diner Holiday

Virginia Diner offers a variety of delectable treats, from classic salted and unsalted Virginia Peanuts to nut mixes, seasoned peanuts, gift sets, and specialty foods. All these years later, they are still committed to delivering the highest quality, crunchiest peanuts, and comfort foods with traditional southern hospitality and introducing new innovative tastes and products. Get a taste of the Virginia Diner today and experience the flavor of nearly a century of history! Download Catalog >>
Virginia Diner Holiday Products
Zotter Chocolate
Zotter Chocolate Holiday

Zotter Chocolate stands for quality, variety, creativity, sustainability and is 100% organic and fair-trade. Zotter Chocolate is amongst the best chocolate producers in the world and is internationally considered one of the most innovative chocolate producers and trendsetters of the sector. From Austria, eye popping packaging and creative flavor combinations. Download Catalog >>
Zotter Chocolate Holiday Products