Ritrovo Selections - WuWanWo Ritrovo Selections Soy Sauce Harmonious

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A naturally fermented soy sauce with a balanced, meaty flavor. Try with sashimi, sushi, spring rolls, tempura, or dumplings, in marinades and salad dressings and other light dishes.

For the last decade, WuWanWo’s Giovanna Chen has exported premium Italian food products from Italy to Taiwan. She fell in love with the Piran Salt pans shortly after falling in love with her now-husband Silvio in Trieste. From this was born the idea of exporting Piran sea salt to Taiwan to create a world class soy sauce. RITROVOhas joined forces with Giovanna to create a product according to RITROVO's “Think Locally, Eat Globally” philosophy .

WuWanWo RITROVOSoy Sauce, the fruit of the combined traditions of Taiwanese soy sauce brewers and Slovenian salt producers. The soy sauce artisans start by dry fermenting the soybeans with spices and brown sugar. Then they pack them into three-foot-tall terra cotta pots with coarse sea salt from the Sečovlje Salina salt pans of Slovenia. The producers then cover the pots and leave them to ferment for 180 days, after which they remove the lids and extract the finished product: WuWanWo RITROVOSoy Sauce.