Villa Jerada - Desert Miracle 500ml Bottle

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Desert Miracle is an ultra premium extra virgin Moroccan olive oil produced on the El Borouj Olive Estate.

It comes from a desert oasis of 300,000 olive trees with optimalsoil conditions, very pure water, a high density of trees, low yield rate of high quality olives, the wind and the sun of the desert, and all of this gives birth to DesertMiracle, an ultra premium extra virgin olive oil with 0.2° maximum acidity anda unique taste.
From the pressing of the best Arbequina and Dahbia olives we get this goldenolive oil verging to green, with a well balanced taste and complex profile.Harvested at the end of September beginning of October, just when the olivesare changing colours from green to black and are still rosy. The fruitiness of ripe olives is clearly identifiable in the nose and mouth with agreat diversity of secondary aromas, above all apple and banana. It also hashints of other ripe fruit such as almonds, tomato, fennel and artichoke. On thepalette reminds of almonds, its sweetness stands out a little, as well as itsastringency that does not interfere with its profile. The result is a very wellbalanced and harmonious oil with a clear touch of sweetness that is characteristicof the variety. Desert Miracle is an olive oil with characterthat surprises even the most demanding palates with its special fruity notes.In 2009 Desert Miracle won a gold medal at the Los Angeles’s International Olive Oil Competition. In 2009, the oil received the 3rd place award in the International Olive Council Mario Solinas Quality Awards in the green fruitiness category. In both 2009 and 2010, the oil received the gold medal at London’s Great Taste Awards.